Countdown to election day








Polling Times

Polls open at 7 am

Polls close at 9 pm

Polling Locations

1st precinct Muscatine Community Schools Administration Building 2900 Mulberry Av
2nd precinct First Christian Church 700 Kindler Av
3rd precinct Ss. Mary and Mathias (Gannon Hall) 215 W 8th St
4th precinct Clark House 117 W 3rd St
5th precinct Central Middle School 901 Cedar St
6th precinct Muscatine Community Schools Administration Building 2900 Mulberry Av
7th precinct Mulford Evangelical Free Church 2400 Hershey Av
8th precinct Musserville United Methodist Church 1001 Oregon St
9th precinct Muscatine Extension Office 1601 Plaza Place
10th precinct Muscatine Community College – McAvoy Center 1403 Park Ave
Bloomington Township Church of Christ 3603 Mulberry Av
F1 (S Pt FR Twp)/Fruitland City Fruitland Community Center 104 Sand Run Road
F2 (N Pt FR Twp) & Lake Twp Lutheran Homes 2421 Lutheran Dr
Fulton/Montpelier Twp/Stockton/Blue Grass Stockton City Hall 318 Commerce St, Stockton
Goshen Twp/Atalissa City Atalissa City Hall 122 3rd St, Atalissa
Orono Twp/Conesville City Conesville City Hall 102 3rd St, Conesville
Pike Twp/Nichols City Nichols City Hall 429 Ijem Av, Nichols
76 Twp & Cedar Twp 76 Twp Hall Independence Av between 230th and 250th
Sweetland Twp New Era Fellowship Hall 3455 New Era Road
West Liberty 1 & Wapsie Twp West Liberty Community Center 1204 N Calhoun St, West Liberty
West Liberty 2 West Liberty Community Center 1204 N Calhoun St, West Liberty
Wilton & Moscow Twp/Durant City Wilton Community Center 1215 Cypress St, Wilton
Wilton City Wilton Community Center 1215 Cypress St, Wilton

 Please call the Muscatine County Auditor’s office if you don’t know your precinct at (563)263-5821.

Please note that the Muscatine 9th precinct, Fulton/Montpelier, West Liberty 1/Wapsi and West Liberty 2 polling places have been permanently changed.

Identification information

ALL Iowa voters are required to show a valid photo at the polls before they vote. A voter without one of the forms of ID listed below may have the voter’s identity attested to by another registered voter in the precinct or may prove identity and residence using Election Day Registration documents. Voters without the necessary ID or an attester will be offered a provisional ballot and can provide ID up until the time of the county canvass of votes.

Acceptable Forms of Identification (The identification must include a photo and an expiration date.):

  • Iowa Driver’s License
  • Iowa Non-Operator’s ID
  • United States Passport
  • United States Military ID or Veterans ID
  • Tribal ID Card/Document
  • Iowa Voter Identification Card (Must have signature and PIN #) This is not the same as an Iowa Voter Acknowledgment Card. Only voters who have not been issued an Iowa Drivers License by the IDOT will have an Iowa Voter Identification Card.

If you are not registered to vote and your photo ID does not contain your current address in the precinct, you
are required to present one of the following documents that includes your name and current address in the

  • Residential lease
  • Utility bill
  • Paycheck
  • Property tax statement
  • Bank statement
  • Government issued check
  • Other governmental issued document

Voter With No Identification
Voters with no identification may establish identity and residence in the precinct by written oath of a
person who is registered to vote in the same precinct.

Absentee Ballot Information

A registered voter may make written application to their County Auditor for an absentee ballot. A written application for a mailed absentee ballot must be received by the voter’s County Auditor no later than 5:00 p.m. 10 days before a General Election or 11 days before any other election.

In order to receive an absentee ballot, a registered voter MUST provide the following necessary information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Iowa residential address
  •  Voter Verification Number (ID Number)
  • Iowa Driver’s License or Non-Operator ID Number OR
  • Four digit Voter PIN located on the voter’s Iowa Voter ID Card
  • Any voter may request an Iowa Voter ID Card by contacting their County Auditor’s Office
  • The name OR date of the election for which you are requesting an absentee ballot
  • Party affiliation – only required for Primary Elections, which are held in even numbered years
  • Signature

All voters are encouraged to provide their phone number and/or email address in the event their County Auditor needs to confirm any information on the request form. If you have questions about absentee voting, please contact the Muscatine County Auditor.

Information provided via Muscatine County Auditor website.